Change is the only constant in DevOps!

Production systems are constantly under pressure to stay on top of the various types of changes that are continually happening: changes in code, configurations, resource sizing, or shifting dependencies among services.

Changelogs are often non-existent, and even if they exist, they may be scattered across places like Github deployment logs etc. This makes it tedious to perform backtraces. Often, this can affect productivity, especially while debugging or checking why the behavior of services has changed.

We’re excited to make it easy to inspect Version History for all microservices and databases with Facets.

Through the single pane of view you can instantly see what has changed, when it was changed and which team member has carried out the changes.

In addition, you can compare the previous version against the current config and restore if required!

Managing IaC with Facets
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Managing IaC with Facets

We’re passionate about creating a single view that makes it easy for developers and DevOps to collaborate.

For consistent, error-free deployments check out how you can Manage IaC with Facets.