Tech footprint, coupled with the complexity of multi-cloud and multi-environment setups, is increasing at a fast pace. While Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) came to the rescue, it didn’t give us a solution to visualize architecture in real-time and make changes easily. With Facets’ Blueprint Designer, we offer a no-code approach to infrastructure visualization and management. Let’s see how.

Why do you need real-time architecture visualization?

Unlike static documents that quickly become outdated, real-time architecture visualization always stores the current state of your architecture and serves as a living document. 

Effective visualization bridges the communication gap between teams and helps them have a common understanding of the system and its dependencies. This also helps them stay away from potential issues and challenges such as:

Cost overruns: When you know what’s working where, you can optimize resources and shut down unused ones. This helps you track and control cloud spends, avoiding surprise budget overruns.

Security and compliance risks: Sufficient visibility into resource configurations can save you from serious security hazards and help in adhering to regulations.

Troubleshooting: When issues or outages occur, you will be able to identify the root causes easily. This ensures you’ve more than 99.99% system uptime and business continuity.

Unraveling the Facets Solution

Facets recognized these challenges and devised Blueprint Designer that solves for visibility with a no-code approach. A blueprint in Facets is nothing but a template of your architecture which acts as a single source of truth. The blueprint designer helps you seamlessly visualize your infrastructure, create and edit resources, and keep a tab on configuration overrides. Let's delve into the capabilities:

1. High-level View of your Infrastructure

With the Blueprint Designer, Facets users can visualize their entire infrastructure in one place – whether the resources are spread across multiple clouds or environments, or K8s clusters. With this single source of truth, you get complete visibility into what’s working where and the relationships between all resources. 

Facets provides a tabular view and a graphical representation of your architecture that keeps updating whenever you make changes to your infrastructure. With this knowledge, you can optimally provision resources and keep track of unused infrastructure.

A high-level architecture view of Facet's control pane in graph and table mode
High-level architecture view in graph and table mode

2. Granular details for every resource

While a bird’s eye view of your infrastructure is necessary, you also need to know the granular details of your resources. You can view all the information on - how they’re allocated, and their configurations, right from the Blueprint designer and stay on top of resource performance. 

Granular details of resources in control pane: resource interrelationships, where they’re deployed, and specs
Granular details of resources: resource interrelationships, where they’re deployed, and specs

3. Resource Catalog for Effortless Resource Creation

Facets eliminates the need for exhaustive research by providing a database of pre-configured resources. Users can select resources without having to write a single line of Terraform code. This empowers you to start using resources swiftly, saving time and reducing the learning curve. Learn more.

4. Flexibility to Customize

While pre-configured resources are convenient, Facets also offers flexibility. You can edit Terraform files to tailor these resources to your unique requirements. This ensures that you can adapt resources to fit your specific use cases and configurations.

5. Clear Visibility into Overrides

Configuration overrides are required in order to customize resources at the environment level. It's crucial to keep track of what configurations have been overridden and by whom. Facets' Blueprint Designer provides a clear visualization of these overrides at the environment level, ensuring transparency and accountability in your infrastructure management.


Facets' Blueprint Designer empowers you with complete visibility into your architecture with a no-code solution. This, in turn, allows you to become 100% cloud-optimized, and efficient. 

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