Picture this: It's a typical Thursday afternoon. You've been working intensely and are about to step out for a much-needed coffee break. However, a service stopped working and you're halted by a daunting task: interacting with multiple Kubernetes commands to check logs, events, and related services. 

This complex process can be time-consuming, often involving navigating through a maze of UIs and intricate Kubernetes commands. But what if you could handle this with just a conversation with your Kubernetes Co-pilot? Imagine focusing on the problem at hand rather than getting bogged down in technical complexities.

Kubernetes Troubleshooting

That’s why we built “Kubernetes Co-pilot”. It leverages the power of K8sgpt and conversational AI to transform how you interact with Kubernetes clusters.

This AI-driven interface simplifies Kubernetes management and troubleshooting. It's like having a conversational assistant that understands the ins and outs of your Kubernetes environment, enabling you to command and control with ease.

A New, AI-driven Debugging Experience

Analyzing clusters and solving Kubernetes errors with Kubernetes Copilot

Kubernetes Copilot is an AI-driven interface that streamlines Kubernetes management and troubleshooting. It uses K8sgpt's ability to scan Kubernetes clusters, pull out relevant information, diagnose issues, and present errors and their step-by-step solutions in plain English. 

Conversational AI to make Kubernetes monitoring easier

Log Management: It eliminates the need to manually query logs. One quick request like “Show me the top 10 logs for service X” will do the work for you.

Event Monitoring: Kubernetes Copilot provides real-time insights into the health and performance of your Kubernetes environment by staying on top of your cluster’s events.

Resource and Networking Mastery using conversational AI:  From resource utilization to complex networking queries, Kubernetes Copilot offers clear, concise answers and suggestions, turning complicated tasks into straightforward conversations.

K8sgpt: The Diagnostic Doctor for Kubernetes

K8sgpt excels in general diagnostics, offering a comprehensive approach to identifying and resolving issues within your Kubernetes clusters.

Proactive Problem-Solving: K8sgpt and Kubernetes Co-pilot work together to proactively identify and address potential cluster issues before they escalate, safeguarding the integrity of your environments.

Contextual Cluster Analysis: With just a click, K8sgpt diagnoses your clusters, identifying potential errors and their causes. The analysis is tailored to your specific environment, ensuring relevant and accurate solutions.

Smart Recommendations: Beyond diagnosing issues, K8sgpt offers step-by-step solutions, complete with optimizations and best practices customized for your setup.


Kubernetes Copilot, enhanced with K8sGPT and conversational AI, not only elevates your debugging experience but also empowers you to excel in the complex cloud-native landscape. 


  1. K8sgpt is licensed under Apache License 2.0 

  2. K8sgpt was created by Alex Jones