In our continuous effort to enhance Facets, we have been working to introduce new features and improvements. This month, we are introducing Audit Logs, artifact enhancements, new integrations, and UI revamp that make your Facets’ experience better.

Let's dive into the details:

Audit Logs

Transparency and accountability are paramount in any organization. Our new Audit Logs feature provides this in Facets.

You can now view the audit logs of every action performed across every page in your Facets Control Plane. For every change, the system captures and records the details of who made the change, where they made it, and what it was. Navigate to the Audit Logs page from the main nav bar to check the logs.

Audit Logs in Facets
Audit Logs

This detailed audit trail can help you in security, compliance, troubleshooting, and deep audits.

For example, if one of your applications experiences intermittent downtime or performance degradation, the audit logs provide a detailed trail to identify the root cause. You can review all recent actions performed on the application's resources like deployments, services, or configurations within the relevant timeframe.

The logs capture user details, resource overrides, and environment changes that may have contributed to the issues. This comprehensive information allows teams to reconstruct the events leading up to the problem quickly, pinpoint potential causes like recent deployments or configuration changes, and expedite the troubleshooting process.

Please note that this feature is currently in beta, and you can anticipate further enhancements.

Directly Pin Artifacts for Service

Devs and Ops teams often require the ability to use specific versions of container images for various reasons:

  1. To isolate application code issues while testing and debugging new features or fixing bugs.
  2. To use the same image versions while reproducing customer-reported problems.
  3. To decouple from their CI/CD pipelines and use image versions not directly integrated with their CI systems for manual overrides and hotfixes.

To address this, we’ve added the ability to directly incorporate images from your Container Registries into the service.

Artifact pinning

Pin artifacts for specific service

Secure Boot on Kubernetes Clusters managed by Facets

Secure Boot, a critical security feature is now available on Kubernetes clusters managed by Facets. It enhances system security by verifying the digital signatures of boot components on cluster nodes. This ensures that only authorized firmware and signed kernel modules are loaded during the boot process, safeguarding devices from malware and unauthorized access.

With Secure Boot enabled, users can protect their environments from potential threats, ensuring only verified software components are executed during the boot process.

AWS Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) Integration

AWS Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) helps automate the management of data and storage resources across various AWS services. It is designed to simplify creating, retaining, and deleting backups, snapshots, and other data objects based on user-defined policies and schedules.

This integration enables volume snapshotting, cross-region copying, and retention management, all from a single configuration setting, enhancing your data backup processes.

Support for ARM Architecture

Facets now supports ARM architecture, including Graviton and other ARM-based nodes. This lets you deploy and manage workloads on ARM-based servers, which can be more power-efficient, cost-effective, and optimized for certain tasks.

ACL Support for Legacy S3

Managing access controls for your S3 buckets just got easier with our new ACL support for S3. You can now establish public access to your buckets and their respective objects.

UI Revamp

We are excited to announce a significant update in this release, focusing on enhancing your user experience based on your valuable feedback.

Complete UI Navigation Makeover:

  • All Blueprint and Environment tabs previously found on the side panel are now located as tabs within their respective pages.
Navigation changes
  • The navigation now only displays the Blueprint context you are actively working on, ensuring clearer navigation and a focused approach to your workflows.
  • The breadcrumb now shows the context of the selected Blueprint, Environment, Resource, and Resource Type.

New 'Settings' Tab:

  • A comprehensive view across all entities is now available under a new 'Settings' tab.
Settings tab

We are committed to continuously improving the Facets platform and delivering features that enhance your experience. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming months!