While there are many solutions for service discovery, managing different service endpoints (DBs, caches, and queues), URLs, and ports for different environments can be a time-consuming effort. DevOps teams use configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, or Puppet while developers use configuration files to manage service endpoints. However, these methods still have their own pain points like keeping track of new and changing endpoints is a manual effort. Launching a new environment can be a real hassle, with new configuration files or central maps needing to be created.

With Facets, all of that changes!

Facets offers an alternative to traditional configuration management. It allows you to refer to services by their logical or abstract names and refer to them in your application as environment variables or files like the sample below. This means you no longer have to maintain a central map of the environment to services or switch between different configuration files based on the current environment.

Launch new Environments with ease

With Facets, you can launch a new environment with a single click! The platform takes care of creating and wiring the necessary information, giving developers and platform engineers a hassle-free experience.

Say goodbye to semi automations and hello to a seamless experience. Upgrade to Facets today!