Staying informed about potential issues in a complex system is crucial to ensure system reliability, uptime, and user satisfaction. Without timely information, issues can go unnoticed, leading to increased downtime, decreased performance, and frustrated users. By staying informed, teams can quickly identify and address issues, preventing them from escalating and impacting system health.

Manual Setup is Complex 

It's time-consuming and complex to set up notifications for each individual event or deployment across multiple systems and environments. A typical organization will configure notifications in Build and CD tool for deployments, alerts in Prometheus, and environment-related notifications with cloud providers. This implementation also lacks proper visibility for all configured notifications.

Screenshot of Notification Center with highlighted Notifications tab and Create Channel button in the settings menu
Facet's Control Pane

Notification Subscription Feature

Facets provides users with the ability to easily subscribe to various notifications, catering to different roles and requirements. SREs can subscribe to in-environment Prometheus-based alerts, while Administrators can track all environment changes, such as deployments and modifications to environment attributes. Additionally, QA teams can receive notifications for deployment success and release updates, enabling them to trigger their test suites accordingly.

To ensure that users receive only the most relevant information, Facets allows them to fine-tune their notification subscriptions. This includes narrowing down the scope of alerts by severity, focusing on specific application deployments, and more. Facets also offers flexible delivery options for notifications, supporting integration with services like PagerDuty, Zenduty, and Slack. Alternatively, users can configure web-hook notifications with structured data to call other integrations or trigger jobs in systems like Jenkins, further enhancing the platform's versatility.

In conclusion, Facets provides a single-pane view of all notifications with a robust and effective way to stay informed about events and deployments across systems, with the flexibility to customize notifications to their specific needs.

Out-of-the-box Integrations

Facets offers integration with Slack, Zenduty, and Pagerduty out of the box. Users can also choose to add custom Webhooks and payload to receive notifications. Read more about it here and find out how your developers can stay on top of alerts and notifications with ease!