Promoting builds across different environments can be challenging for most teams. Especially when you have multiple stakeholders involved, like Dev, QA, and Ops teams. If you don't have visibility to the entire build process, it's tricky to ensure that every artifact is deployed to the right environment and the relevant teams are in sync.

Typically, organizations can have different build strategies to ensure pipelines are predictable. They can have two methods to decide the process around how builds are promoted to environments: 'branch-based environment pipelines', which has a one-to-one mapping of a branch to environments type, or 'Single branch-based environment pipelines' where artifacts are promoted from the main branch to different environments either manually or through automation. Most commonly, a Hybrid approach is adopted that combines these two methods.

However, these methods can be cumbersome and opaque for developers and other parties involved in the process. Facets simplifies the build promotion management process by providing complete visibility into each stage: right from the code integration, through CI/CD systems like Jenkins, Bitbucket Pipelines, Git Actions, down to the final production environment.

Defining Environment Types with Facets
Defining Environment Types with Facets

Facets offers the ability to define which environment types will receive builds from your CI system and which environments are connected in a promotion hierarchy. This helps developers understand how their builds are flowing and eliminates confusion around which build is destined for which environment.

In addition, Facets provides features to help control who has access to promote a build to the next environment and maintain a complete history for the same. This ensures that only authorized personnel can move builds between environments, making build promotion more secure and transparent.

In conclusion, Facets streamlines the build promotion management process, providing complete visibility and control over builds from CI/CD systems to the final production environment. Try Facets today to revolutionize how you manage builds across different environments, eliminate confusion, and reduce manual effort.

Out of the Box Integrations with Facets

Facets integrates with a variety of external tools like Prometheus, Grafana, Kubernetes Dashboards, and more! Read more here to see how Facets can help you with the comprehensive management of resources.