Access management is a crucial part of managing resources safely. However, it can often be as complex as a challenging puzzle.

Addressing the Access Management Challenge

Ops must grapple with various tools for releases, cloud accounts, etc., each necessitating distinct access management. The inconsistency of access language across these platforms only adds to the problem, making it a cumbersome task to provide developers with the appropriate access for their daily work. Facets' RBAC Management aims to remedy this inefficiency, offering a consolidated solution in a language that aligns with your product.

GIF of User Management interface showing system-defined roles, a selected 'Roles' tab, and a 'Create Custom Role' button for customization.
Access management with Facets

Communicating the Language of Access

The language of access control has long been a stumbling block for many organizations. The existing tools often fail to comprehend or accommodate the needs of businesses wanting to limit access to specific environments or group of resources. This not only creates friction in daily operations but also presents significant challenges during audits and compliance reviews. Facets' RBAC Management offers a solution that speaks the language of your business. Whether it's restricting access to specific environments, granting read access to resources in production environments, or limiting the microservices and environments where a developer can perform releases - Facets has you covered.

Kubernetes access management, a substantial issue in itself, will be addressed in detail in subsequent product news.

Effortless, Intuitive, and Powerful

Facets' RBAC Management offers a one-stop solution for managing access across your DevOps processes. Read about User management here. It simplifies access management, providing control in the language you comprehend best, and lays the groundwork for a smoother, more efficient DevOps experience.

With Facets' RBAC Management, you can now divert less time to managing access and more time to what genuinely matters - delivering superior software, quicker and more effectively.